Invited Programme

The Programme Committee, aided by the International Advisory Group, has put together an invited programme which both reflects our theme Interventions at work – Integrating Science and Practice, and showcases some of the best work in our profession.


Keynote speakers will present some of their game-changing ideas for work & organizational psychology while Current Issue speakers focus on challenges and opportunities for the profession. Invited Symposia highlight research by eminent academics and practitioners, plus there will be events offering the opportunity to consider how research contributes to effective practice. Panel discussions provide a space for lively debate.


Alex Haslam

Only Connect: 20 years of the Social Identity Approach to Psychology in Organizations

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Deanne N. Den Hartog

Leadership and Employee Health and Well-Being

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Frans B.M. de Waal

Evolution of Emotions and Empathy in the Primates

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Gilad Chen

Do Individuals Make the Place? Employee Influences on Collective Work Performance

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Ans de Vos

Enhancing the sustainability of careers in disruptive times

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Current Issues

Dr Maja Korica

Post-Pandemic Workplace: The New Unequal?

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Lisa DeBruine

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team: The role of large-scale collaboration in improving replicability and generalisability

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Mark van Vugt

The good, the bad, and the ugly: Trends in leadership and management in a disruptive world

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Dr Nancy Doyle

Neuroinclusive by Design

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Henning Bang

The WHY, WHAT and HOW of effective management teams: Why do we need them, what are their characteristics, and how can we develop them?

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Stephen R. Covington

Strategic and International Affairs Adviser to the NATO military

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