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When will my registration fee be refunded following the cancellation of the congress?

Registration fees will be refunded by 7 February.

How will my registration fee be refunded?

Refunds will be automatically repaid through the same means as you used to pay.  If you paid by credit card it will be a credit on your card.  If you paid by bank transfer the money will be returned to the same account.  If you requested an invoice but have not yet paid it, the invoice will be cancelled and you will owe nothing.   

What happens to my EAWOP membership?
Most registration packages included membership of EAWOP. You can choose whether you want to keep your EAWOP membership or have that element of the registration fee refunded as well.  Please complete this form by 7th January to select you refund preference. If you do not complete the form you will automatically keep your EAWOP membership and receive a refund for the congress fees and any other activities you paid for.

If your registration did not include EAWOP membership or you had not yet paid your registration you can also join EAWOP via the EAWOP website: http://www.eawop.org/how-to-join

What will happen to papers accepted for the congress?
We are currently looking at options for all the accepted submissions. Please complete this form to be kept informed about how the legacy of the congress programme will be maintained.

Was the EAWOP General Assembly cancelled along with the congress?

No.  , The GA will take place online on Wednesday January 12th, 17:00 – 19:00 CET (16:00 – 18:00 GMT).   In order to attend the online EAWOP 2022 GA, please fill in this Google form Your registration is needed to be able to vote during the GA. The agenda of the online GA is available here (http://eawop.org/ga-2022) and can be viewed after log-in to the EAWOP website with your membership details.  


Can I submit a paper for the Congress programme?

The call for submissions has now closed.



I cannot travel – can I access the congress remotely?

EAWOP 2022 will be a face to face event only.  While we looked at the possibility of a hybrid event the cost and technical requirements made it impossible.

What are the terms and conditions for booking a place at the EAWOP Congress?

Please click on this link to view the booking terms and conditions 

Is there a 2 day registration package?

No. There is a one-day package. After that the three day package is the best value.

Does the registration fee include accommodation?

No, delegates must arrange their own accommodation. There are many
options available in Glasgow at a range of prices. Information is available via the Glasgow tourist page link on the Venue page.

How can I register an accompanying person for the congress?

You can add an accompanying person when you register. Once you have completed your
registration a link to add an accompanying person will appear on the summary page. You

will need to provide a different email for the accompanying person.

Can I add a workshop booking after I have registered?

Yes. Follow the link in your registration confirmation email and enter your confirmation
number (also in the confirmation email). Select the link to modify your registration and click through to the workshop page where you can add workshops to your registration.

Are travel grants for PhD students available?

Yes. EAWOP is offering a number of travel grants up to €500 for PhD students registered at European Universities who have a poster or paper accepted for the congress. Full details will be available on the EAWOP website or contact Janine Bosak at [email protected]. The dealine for applications is 30 September 2021


My co-author and I would like to make a joint presentation at the congress. Is this possible?

As long as you keep within your allotted time slot you can make a joint presentation, but
remember the presentations slots are not long. You will both need to purchase a 3-day ticket.

My co-author will present our paper. Do I need to change the order of authors in the congress

If the first author cannot present it is fine for another author to present the paper, however we
cannot change the programme listing.

What are the requirements for preparing presentation slides?

Slides should be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) and in 16 x 9 format. There is no standard slide template.  Chairs for Symposia will be asked to collate all their presentations into a single file.   Slides will need to be uploaded to the congress Slide Centre at least 48 hours before the session is scheduled.  Details of how to do this will be provided nearer to congress.

What are the requirements for preparing a poster?

Posters should be printed on a single sheet in Portrait format, size A0 (84.1 cm width x 118.9 cm height).  Each poster must have a note indicating a one-hour period when the author will be on the stand to answer questions and include an email address or QR code where further information can be obtained.



What precautions are you taking against Covid-19 at the Venue?

The venue is taking a number of steps to prevent infection. These include enhanced cleaning procedures, hand sanitizing stations and increased air circulation through their advanced ventilation systems. The venue is large and will allow delegates to maintain an appropriate distance.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend?

We will be asking all delegates to provide proof of vaccination or immunity, or to show a recent negative test result before entry into the congress site. If you have not been vaccinated you will need to take a test to enter.

Will delegates need to wear masks?

It is our policy for all delegates to wear masks inside the congress centre. Speakers can remove their masks during presentations and for eating and drinking.


How can I be tested for Covid-19 while in Glasgow?

For the latest government advice on testing and the locality of test centres please visit https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-getting-tested




Do I need a visa to travel to Glasgow?

Information on travel and visas is available via the Glasgow tourist page link on the Venue page.

I need a letter of invitation to make my travel arrangements.

Contact the congress secretariat at [email protected] and we will provide an invitation letter.

I have special dietary needs. Will the catering be suitable?

You will be asked to provide information about your dietary needs during registration so we can ensure that there is appropriate food for you.

I have mobility difficulties.  How accessible is the SEC?
You can find accessibility information about the Glasgow SEC on their website sec.co.uk/visitor-information/accessibility. If this does not answer your question then please contact us at [email protected] and we will try to find the information your need.

What are the rules for travelers entering the UK?

Many of the rules for entering the UK from other countries have been relaxed, however there are still some restrictions in place so please check the UK government website for details for travelers from specific countries. You may need to complete a passenger locator form, provide a negative Covid test or show proof of vaccination to enter the UK.


You should also be aware that there are a few differences between England and Scotland – so for example if you fly directly to Glasgow the procedures may be different from flying into London. Here are some links to follow for the latest information for UK arrivals.


You should also check whether there are any local rules in your country regarding your return.

I would like to run a workshop at the Congress. Can I do this?

The call for workshop submissions has now closed.

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