11-14 January 2022

SEC, Glasgow, Scotland




As we write this, vaccines are being rolled out around the world, and there is hope that by January 2022 our lives will be less restricted – even if we do not return to the old “normal”. In particular, we hope, vaccination will have made a large event like the EAWOP Congress possible again.


We know there is a possibility that the new normal will still not include a face-to-face congress, and if so, we will provide a virtual event, but all our focus now is on planning a real meeting. The EAWOP Congress may be the first opportunity for our community of Work and Organizational Psychology academics and practitioners to once again meet and share ideas.


The Congress theme is: Interventions at Work – Integrating Science and Practice.


In academia, it is so easy to sit back in our silos and concentrate on the research that brings publications, citations, grants and prestige within our narrow fields and this certainly has its place. 


However, there is a larger world out there which includes professional practitioners who are looking to scientific research to help provide answers to practical issues of considerable significance. 


These practitioners also have ideas and data that can feed back and nourish the further development of science. Therefore, our aim is to bring together scientists and practitioners to share ideas and build a meaningful dialogue.


Organisations have need of our collective insights and the pandemic has changed working practice to the extent and at a pace we could never have predicted. Congress may be an opportune time to reflect and anticipate how we might need to evolve as work and organizational psychologists to address the complex challenges that we face.


While the theme was agreed before the pandemic, it seems particularly appropriate when we have all been have been thinking about the countless changes to our lives and workplaces it has brought. So many of our colleagues have been researching and innovating to understand how to work effectively in the new reality and there is such a richness of studies underway that EAWOP is organising a virtual conference in May 2021 to showcase a few of the issues.


However this can only provide a taster to the wide ranging work that is being undertaken by our community.

There are so many findings ready to be shared, both studies and interventions that focus on the impact of the virus, but also those that continue to address all the existing issues we have been working on as a profession while unable to travel and meet.


The Congress location is Glasgow, Scotland. This is an exciting city with a vibrant culture as well as an interesting industrial history. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels and places to visit. There are direct flights from many European cities so it is easy to access. Our congress will be at the purpose built conference centre on the banks of the river. Check out our venue for more information.


Finally, full submission details are now available on this link and we greatly look forward to receiving your proposals and to seeing you in Glasgow.


Slàinte mhath* 

Lionel Fairweather, Chair, Congress Taskforce Frederik Anseel, President, EAWOP

Ian Bushnell, Programme Chair


*The traditional Scottish Gaelic toast when raising a glass. It is pronounced slan-ge-var. It means “good health”.

Frans B.M. de Waal

Frans B.M. de Waal Emory University, Atlanta, USA and Utrecht University, the Netherlands Evolution of Emotions and Empathy in the Primates Bio Dr. Frans B.

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EAWOP Virtual Conference 2021

Viral Strain? Working life in the COVID pandemic – 27 May 2021

In addition to EAWOP 2022 in Glasgow in January 2022, EAWOP is organising a virtual conference which will focus on the impact the pandemic has had on our lives and the profound changes it has made to the way we work.

In what ways has the virus strained working life and how has it forced workplaces to change for the better? 

The aim of this one day conference, organised in collaboration with the British Psychological Society, is to invite leading scholars and practitioners from across the world to provide their insights – derived from research and practice – on how the COVID pandemic has reshaped working lives, the impact of these changes on employees, and how organisations can respond productively to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

The event will be open to all and free for EAWOP members with discounted rates for BPS DOP members.

Find out more about this exciting programme and register now.